Advantages of powder metallurgy gears

From the clocks and watches to mountain machinery, The transmission gears are working in the operation of all daily machinery. Of course, for gear manufacturing, the more convenient and affordable production method is powder metallurgy technology, such as common sprocket and ratchet, etc.

Powder metallurgy technology has more advantages in small and complex gears production. Firstly it can be produced efficiently. Generally, big amounts of gears are used in machinery to make the market demand corresponding highly . The production of gears by ordinary process needs to go through multiple processes, while powder metallurgy only needs to manufacture the carbide mold. The precision of the gears produced by the mold is more uniform. Secondly, the rotation of gears will bring kinetic energy, and the rotation itself cannot be separated from the participation of lubricants. The powder metallurgy process is to press iron base into gears, In the initial pressing stage, the gear can be self-lubricated, and the gear and other parts can be integrated for manufacturing, such as cam ratchet wheel.

Because the complexity of powder metallurgy lies in the beginning of the early technology, and the advantages of manufacturing complex parts and components can be greatly reduced after the completion of mold manufacturing, so the advantages of manufacturing weird gears are more prominent than bevel gears and helical gears.